Pragmatic Marketing Joins Forces with Leading Data Science Training Company, The Data Incubator

Company Rebrands as Pragmatic Institute, Providing World Leading Courses for Product Leaders, Business Professionals and Data Scientists

February 14, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pragmatic Marketing, the authority on product management and marketing training, has acquired The Data Incubator (TDI), a leading provider of data science education, and together have become Pragmatic Institute. The new Pragmatic Institute will combine the expertise of these two companies to create a single source for comprehensive, hands-on training in product management, product marketing and data science.

“Today, the use of big data is changing the way companies decide what to build, how to market and which investments to make. AI is no longer the domain of very big companies—it is an imperative for all companies,” said Philip Alexander, CEO of Pragmatic Institute. “With the addition of TDI, we can now deliver proven, high-quality training and workforce optimization across the key areas most critical to the future of today’s business, and we can do so at much greater scale.”

“We’re passionate about data science—about providing the best training, developing the best candidates and extending the field,” said Michael Li, founder of TDI and President of Data Sciences at Pragmatic Institute. “[Pragmatic Marketing has] decades of experience building and providing successful training programs and supporting the unique needs of their students. This gives us a huge advantage in terms of the speed at which we can build on our passion and realize our vision.”

Starting today, product leaders, business professionals and data scientists will be able to expand and perfect their skills with Pragmatic Institute. In addition to Pragmatic Marketing’s original core product marketing and management courses, Pragmatic Institute will now offer a series of public and private courses aimed at educating product and business leaders on how to spearhead data-heavy initiatives. TDI will continue to offer AI, machine learning and other data scientist-specific courses, its existing fellowship for PhD and masters students, placement services and corporate and online training. Now TDI will continue to expand its course offerings under the Pragmatic Institute name.

About Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute, the combination of Pragmatic Marketing and The Data Incubator, provides comprehensive training, education and certification to product managers, product marketers and data scientists globally. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to continued education, Pragmatic Institute’s full-service offerings enable organizations to grow revenue, go to market faster, improve customer satisfaction ratings and harness the power of their own data. The proven Pragmatic Framework has been deployed in more than 8,000 companies today. For more information on training for your organization, please visit or call 480-515-1411.

About The Data Incubator (TDI)

The Data Incubator provides real-world, hands-on experience and training to data scientists looking to transition from academia to the business world or to improve their current skill set, and for executives who manage data science teams. The Data Incubator offers fellowship programs, online training, placement services, onsite training and more, and has worked with over 250 industry-leading organizations including Yelp, Capital One, Pfizer, Microsoft, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, The New York Times and others.