Creative Growth Capital

In some ways Petra is like other successful private equity firms — we have deep experience and a strong track record of success. But we’re also flexible, collaborative, and easy to work with. And that makes us the right choice for companies throughout the U.S. looking for a financial partner to build a high-growth organization.

Petra has been a pioneer of the growth capital model, having invested more than $650 million in nearly 100 high-growth private companies since we started in 1996.

We’re based in Nashville, and the creative vibe here definitely influences our approach. Our solutions involve the right mix of debt, equity and “outside-the-box” thinking to meet each unique challenge. We invest behind the right people with the right ideas and will use our resources to assist when needed rather than get in the way. We seek partners who we can trust to grow ambitious and ethically run organizations.

We are currently investing out of our third fund, closed in 2013, with $230 million of available capital. We invest up to $20 million of our own capital per company, and can source additional capital through our network of co-investors and senior lending partners.

We are particularly passionate about finding opportunities with small businesses. We are licensed as a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and were named SBIC of the Year in 2012, helping to create more than 7,500 jobs through our investments.