In the private capital markets, there’s a gap between venture capital investors and middle-market buyout groups. That’s our sweet spot. For companies that fall in this category, we provide long-term capital that is otherwise unavailable from traditional lending sources and is less dilutive than capital from traditional venture capital investors.

At Petra, investing in company leadership is our priority. We are comfortable having a control or non-control ownership position while serving as a partner to the current owners and management team to help the business grow and generate returns. We also partner with co-investor syndicates on a control or non-control basis to help “fill in” holes in the capital structure. Along with helping management establish and fund new platform companies, Petra’s capital can be used to finance growth, acquisition, buyouts and recapitalizations of existing companies.

Flexibility is at the core of our approach. We structure each investment to meet the unique needs of the owners and our return objectives. We invest in both equity and subordinated debt securities, and in most cases, a combination of the two. We work with current investors and management to creatively structure a deal at a valuation and dilution level that is favorable to all stakeholders.


Venture Capital

  • Explosive growth
  • Entrepreneur leads investment process
  • Syndicate of VC funds
  • Non-control
  • Fund growth of executive team & sales force + shareholder liquidity
  • Negative EBITDA
  • No financial covenants
  • Exit to growth equity fund

Structured Growth Capital

  • High growth
  • Partnership between management and investor(s)
  • Investor syndicate + conservative leverage
  • Non-control or Control
  • Expansion, acquisitions and recaps
  • Breakeven to Positive EBITDA
  • Flexible covenants
  • Exit to strategic or buyout fund


  • Steady growth and cash flow generation
  • Management works for investor
  • One control investor + maximum leverage
  • Control
  • Recaps, cash flow generation & bridge to IPO
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Strict financial covenants
  • IPO or exit to strategic

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