Alternative Behavior Strategies Introduces First Smartphone-based Digital Platform to Assist Autism Therapists

Innovative digital system gives its ever-expanding mobile workforce a powerful new tool to connect and share critical information in real time

LOS ANGELES—June 13, 2019—Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS), a leading provider of services to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), today announced the launch of the ABS Virtual Office, the first smart phone-based platform to connect autism behavioral therapists to the information and knowledge they need—wherever they are—to enhance services and promote clinical excellence and advancement.

“The ABS Virtual Office is literally an office right in the palm of their hand,” said Adam Singer, M.D., CEO ABS. “The majority of our employees spend as much as 80 percent of their time in the field providing therapy, and we wanted to give them what they need to maintain the highest level of clinical excellence. Every employee in the company utilizes the ABS Virtual Office to connect to the company from wherever they may be working, client’s homes, clinics or schools. This platform gives therapists in the field real-time access to the electronic clinical record as well as to the collective wisdom of the company while treating a child, when this information is at its most vital. At any given time not only do they have access to the ABS collective repository of knowledge but live access to hundreds of other therapists that can assist.”

The ABS Virtual office is for all ABS employees, clinical and non-clinical, giving them easy navigation to such features as:

• ABS Chat—where ideas and questions can be shared with other ABS employees, including immediate clinical input from colleagues to help resolve timely issues that arise during therapy (for example, finding a dentist who treats autistic children)
• Central Reach—provides direct access to the clinical records of a child’s treatment; as well as enables the clinical staff to bill and see the hours they have worked/converted in real time
• Company and Industry News—including access to HR, their individual 401k, payroll and benefit information, community events, polls and other “stay in the know” information
• Clinical innovation- Ideas are shared and debated on new and evolving therapeutic breakthroughs
• Non-Clinical Staff-All ABS staff monitor the virtual office giving the clinicians real time access to any and all necessary support

The ABS Virtual Office is just one of many innovative strategies the company is implementing to continue its rapid growth while still maintaining clinical excellence.

“The demand for services for children with autism is exploding,” said David Fitzgerald, Partner, Petra Capital Partners, which, along with MMC Health Services, purchased ABS in 2017. “With this new digital platform, ABS is leading the industry in creating a communication platform for a highly mobile workforce in multiple states enabling these therapists to effectively communicate to share best practices, advice and improve quality. The result is a community focused on providing the best possible care to children with ASD.”

The ABS Virtual Office keeps everyone connected, enables better communication and provides real-time information that helps improve therapeutic care.

By providing stronger connections to the company and to clinical resources, the ABS Virtual Office will also serve as a retention tool to nurture an experienced team of clinicians.

About Alternative Behavior Strategies
Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS) is dedicated to providing services to children with developmental delays and their families. The company provides ABA services, as well as diagnostic evaluations and social skills groups. ABS operates in multiple markets in California, Utah and North Carolina. ABS is designated as a Top Behavioral Service Provider by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. For more information:

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